Pet Sitting:  1 x day    $17
 2 x day    $32  
     3 x day    $45
(45 minute visits that include dog walk, emptying litter boxes, back yard poop patrol, watering indoor and some outdoor plants, bring in mail)

Overnight Stays:  $65
(stay in your home 9pm - 7am plus two daytime visits, there may be occasions  when times will have to altered)

Boarding In My Home/Slumber Party Sleepover:  $40 ($10 per extra dog)
pick up and drop off available for $15
(this is dependent on if I/you think your dog or cat would get along with my dog
 and cats)

Dog Walks:  $13  30 minutes  ($5 for each additional dog)  

Dog Park Visits:  $40 hour
(would include a bath if your baby gets in the water)

Trips to the Vet & Groomer:  $30

Shopping:  $15
(busy but need dog food, cat food, litter? I can pick up and deliver it for you)

Baths:  $15